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The Veneer’s songbook & recordings

Posted in News: March 14
The audio section has been adjusted so that we can bring to you a selection of all the material The Veneer has completed. Over 50 songs have been recorded from the songbook of Eddie & Mike Peacock who have over 150 songs to date between them. Collaboration with the band has brought you the material you hear. We will be rotating a selection of songs from the latest recordings and past material. New Album March 2014. The latest recordings were recorded at Factory Studios, Bristol. Mixing and studio mastering was completed in October 2013 ??January?2014. The Collective Sessions 2009 ? 2011. This produced 26 tracks. Selections of tracks are uploaded.?The sessions produced the 4 track Dark Matter EP and two songs Liberate Tonight and Simplify our World for the two videos produced in Sept 2012. Early years Pre 2009 – this is a mix of home recordings & and borrowed studio facilities. Most of the material still resonates. Hope you enjoy listening to the material. If you like it email in or go to the facebook site to leave a message https://www.facebook.com/theveneerlive Marcus Burns ? The Collective Studios: The Veneer. Thoroughly modern and cutting edge yet also classic at the same time. They have the ability to pull you into the song,?the arrangement and the lyrics and let it all breath as one. The interesting and thoughtful arrangements and insightful lyrics are so refreshing. The songs are very strong, hook laden and powerful yet also beautiful and melancholy. One of the best bands we have ever worked with. Classic modern rock with progressive and experimental touches?..Fantastic.